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Did “event planning” just land on your miles-long to-do list?

Take a load off.

We can handle your entire event, manage only the stuff you don’t want to deal with, or coach you on how to DIY the hell out of it.

Event planning can feel like death by “other duties as assigned.”

It’s not that you don’t want to do the event.
You just don’t want to be wholly responsible for it.

The brainstorming.
The organizing.
The RFPS. (My God, the RFPs)!
The contracts.
AV and tech.
And on and on and on…

What if you had a partner to take you from frazzled to fête? (That’s French for “wildly successful event that accomplishes your organization’s goals—and for which you get all the credit.”) 

Lets make magic…

… without overworking you, your team, or your budget.


Flood your pipeline with ideal leads.


Drive more sales and profit.


Bolster brand awareness and reputation.


Strengthen connections with sponsors.


Fortify relationships with participants.


Delight attendees so they come back for more.

Pick two whatever you need.

Get a custom, comprehensive project plan with a flat-rate fee.

Event Design

Borrow our creativity, or use us to leverage yours.

RVenue Selection
RProgramming and Content
RSpeaker Sourcing and Management
RFood and Beverage


Open your event confident the details are handled.

RAV & Tech
RCrisis Management
RVendor Management
RRun of Show
RParticipant Satisfaction Survey
RPost-Event Analysis

Project Management

Stay on track and avoid common event snafus.

RPricing Strategies and Budgeting
RSponsor Prospectus Creation
RRFP Creation and Oversight
RContract Review & Negotiation
RRisk Mitigation
RExhibits and Sponsorships
RTransportation and Lodging
RVendor Sourcing & Management
RSite Safety Plan


Lean on our expertise to pull off your event like a pro.

RFrom event templates to RFP coaching to contract review and more, we'll help you DIY the hell out of your event.

Most full-suite projects begin at $10K. Consulting engagements start at $500-$5000.

Show & Tell

Kind words from clients and partners.

… has the answer before you even know to ask the question.

From the very start, Beth had the client and the venue’s best interest in mind. She is the type of planner that is always one step ahead. She was a dream to work with.

- Susan Ford,

Chateau on the Lake Resort, Spa, and Convention Center

A true life-saver
and team player!

Beth sees clearly what needs to be done… then delivers with whirlwind speed and accuracy. She is Smart! Fun! Clever! Punctual! Thorough! Dependable! Beth is worthy of your absolute trust.

-Debbie Gardner,

Survive Institute

Saved us tens of thousands of dollars in contract negotiations.

Beth has created seamless, powerful, and unforgettable events for our organization. She works swiftly, professionally, and proficiently, and she is a pleasure to work with.

- Michelle Camp

President, AWA

Yes, we do that.

We create memorable experiences for purpose-driven start-ups,
corporations, small businesses, associations, and nonprofits.






Board Meetings


Corporate Social Events


Client Receptions




Trade Shows and Expos


Product Launches

We’ve got you.

Even before the pandemic turned the world upside down (along with everyone’s marketing budgets), event planning was already listed among the most stressful jobs in the world.

So if you’re an ad hoc planner these days—just trying to squeeze this thing in around your regular job duties—it’s no wonder you’re losing sleep and grinding your poor molars to nubs.

You don’t have to do that, you know.

Now, we get how tough it is to “give up” control of your event when you’re responsible for the outcome. But with us by your side, you won’t give up a thing—other than stress, pressure, budget quicksand, and legal potholes.

We’ve brought our level-headed approach to hundreds of events over more than two decades. We’d be so honored to show up for yours, too.

beth rees cincinnati events

Beth Rees
Certified Meeting Professional, Organizational Ninja and Verified Cool Cucumber

We don’t play games.

No surprises.

We keep you in the loop
the whole way through.

You’ll never wonder what’s happening, who’s doing what, or what comes next. And with flat-rate pricing, you’ll sidestep sticker shock, too.

No kickbacks.

We work for you,
not our vendors.

Some event planners recommend partners based on how much commission they’ll make. That’s not cool, and you deserve better.

No sweat.

We eat chaos
for breakfast.

Events require on-the-fly problem-solving. If something goes sideways at any point in the process, we deal with it so you don’t have to.

You could do this on your own.
But why would you?

With Rees by your side, you can:


Leverage our established partnerships, instead of wasting time vetting new vendors.


Keep up with your day-to-day duties, instead of sacrificing every hour to event planning.


Invest your event budget on purpose, instead of guessing at priorities.


Sell out your event, instead of feeling deflated by a lackluster response.


Have peace of mind, instead of stressing about not knowing what you don't know.


Feel elated about what you have in store for attendees, instead of crossing your fingers and hoping for the best.

You already have plenty on your plate.

You’re so close to having help with your event.

1. You talk.

Fill us in on all the things: event goals, timeline, budget, and team (or lack thereof). If you’re in the “I don’t even know” stage, we ask smart questions to draw out the details.

2. We make good on our promises.

You get a crystal-clear scope of work, and the minute you say “go,” we get after it.

3. You get the credit.

Attendees glow, vendors rave, and the higher-ups give you a raise. (OK, we can’t promise that. But they’ll want to).